Erik Jertberg
Co-Founder, CEO &
Agriculture Specialist


Raleigh Nielsen
Co-Founder, CTO &
Motion Control Specialist

Tim Herlihy, CMO

Tim has over 20 years in design and manufacturing of complex systems. He is owner of Creative Manufacturing Solutions and a strategic AgPro Partner.



Greg Faltersack
V.P. , Software Dev.

Greg has over 10 years of experience in Systems Solutions Code Development.

How We Started

Our CEO, Erik Jertberg, has been in farming his whole life. As a kid, he remembers helping on his Grandpa’s farm by stacking green plastic baskets into cardboard trays for a penny a piece. Even at that age he understood the value of helping the harvesters with that small step, and the contribution it made to everyone else’s success. Maybe it was that small task, sitting on the back of a flatbed truck, that brought us here today, still helping those harvesters to be more efficient.

Today, faced with the challenges of rising costs and a shrinking labor pool, Erik and his fellow farmer’s found themselves in need of someone that could help find harvest solutions outside the current scope of offerings. That is when Erik reached out to his friend Raleigh Nielsen.

California agriculture, in it’s close proximity to Silicon Valley, was destined to eventually collide with technological innovations. Raleigh Nielsen, a 16+ year veteran of the motion control industry in the bay area, brought a real working knowledge of what was available, and more so, what was possible, to solve Erik’s issues.

Together they have created innovative solutions to actual problems. Erik knowing the need, and Raleigh knowing the how. This dynamic relationship has flourished into what is now AgPro Robotics, Inc.

It started with the need of finding Erik a real world solution for his farm. It has grown into a company dedicated to finding real solutions for anyone in agriculture.

“There is a difference between profitable work, and useful work. It’s time we ask our people to focus on the profitable work and automate the useful work.”
– AgPro CEO, Erik Jertberg